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Pre-Lab Questions:

  1. Explain the purpose and positive results for the Kastle Meyer Test, Luminol Test, Hemastix Test, and Precipitin Test.
  2. Explain the process and purpose of the EMIT technique in forensic laboratories. Be sure to explain why an agar plate is used in the process.
  3. Chart the relationship between ABO antigens and antibodies for blood. For each blood type demonstrate (using drawings) what happens to ABO antigens in the Presence of A, B, AB, O blood. Which will form aggluation, which will not?
  4. Explain the Rh factor, what does this determine about blood type?
  5. Explain why Aggulations occurs with antibodies and antigens interact.
  6. Compare and Contrast polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.


Complete the Police Report using the Template and place in the Appendix Section of the Report.

Abstract: See Handout for Lab Reports

Procedures: Summarize the procedures for each exercise.

Data and Results: See Handout for Lab Reports

Discussion and Data Analysis: See Handout for Lab Reports

Conclusion: Write a conclusion section (See Handout for Lab Reports).

Forensic Application: Analysis the data and explain the forensic applications to solving the crime presented in the scenario. Specifically, state how the evidence and data provides valuable information for solving the crime. Explain how the suspects were proven guilty or innocent based on the results and the forensic laboratory techniques used.