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Crime Scene Investigation Files

Directions: Watch any (2-two) episode of a forensic science based show (These shows can be accessed using the Internet, DVD, TV, etc). After watching the episode provide the following information: 

Name of the Show/Episode:

Part 1: The Evidence and Crime Scene

I. Summarize the incident(s) that lead to the investigation.

II. Describe the crime scene and the actions of the 1st response team:

I11. Chart the Evidence Collected (at least 6 pieces of evidence):

Type of Evidence Location in Crime Scene Describe the Forensic Lab Area and Testing Method(s) Used 

IV. Describe the role of the forensic Crime Lab units in solving this crime.

IV. As the episode progresses, desribe how the evidence aids the investigation team? BE SPECFIC and Chronological. This should be a timeline of events.

Part 2: The Legal System

I. What specific laws were broken? Was the crime Federal, State or Local? Explain!

Part 3: The Final Outcome of the Crime Scene Investigation

I. What was the final outcome of the Crime Scene Investigation (If the case was presented in court, describe the plaintiff and defended positions).

II. In your opinion was the outcome fair and just? Explain with references from criminalistics and criminology reserach.

III. If you could re-write the episode what changes would you make?