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Pre-Lab Questions:

Problem: Using the scenario develop the problem being investigated, recall that problems are testable research QUESTIONS.

Hypothesis: Based on knowledge of forensic drug identification methods and CSI synopsis, develop a researched-based hypothesis.

Procedures: Describe the process in chronological order. Using clear paragraph structure, explain all steps in the order they actually happened, not as they were supposed to happen.

Data and Results: This section is dominated by calculations, tables and figures; however, you still need to state all significant results explicitly in verbal form. (Use the data sheets provided for each experiment as a template to organize the data, if no sheet is provided create a data format).

Discussion & Forensic Application: is the most important part of the report. This section shows that you understand the experiment beyond the simple level of completing it. Explain. Analyze. Interpret. Specifically, state how the evidence data provides valuable information for solving the crime in the scenario.

Conclusions (1-2 paragraphs): Simply state the results of the lab and how these results support or disprove the hypothesis.