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Scientific Method Murder Mystery

Complete a Murder Mystery Storyboard (using a standard size poster board) that displays parts 1-3 below. Before starting the project...REVIEW THE STEPS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.


Part I: Murder Mystery Scenario

Be as creative a possible and write a complete and detailed murder mystery scenario. While creating this mystery, keep in mind that each group present their scenarios and images and the class will try to solve the murder mysteries using the steps of the scientific method.

Part II: Murder Mystery Photo/Images

Using images from any source, create set of photos/images that replicate the crime scene of the murder mystery senario. The Crime Scence photos/images must match the scenario. Be sure the evidence and clues can be clearly identified.

Part III: Mystery Solved

Write a complete explanation that solves the murder mystery. List how each step of the Scientific Method was used to solve the murder mystery.