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Created By: Kienna Knowles

Course: EDUC-6662-T1004: Multimedia Tools: How to Research, Plan, and Communicate with Technology

Course Instructor: Kathryn Arnold

Technology Standard 1: Technology Operations & Concepts

Program Outcome: S1.1: Demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology (as described in the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students).


The Technology Operations & Concepts performance indications S1.1 expects teachers to demonstrate knowledge and skill of specific technologies. Prior to using technology with students, this learner is knowledgeable of its uses, applications, purpose and effectiveness. As with any part of education, in order for students to learn the educator must be knowledgeable. This same theory applies to technology integration, in order for student to successfully use technology, their educators demonstrate some level of technology operation mastery.

In addition to being knowledge, this learner provides a tutorial for students to ensure they have a clear understanding of the purpose and operation of specific technologies required or suggested for an assignment. Artifact S1.1 serves as a demonstration of how PowerPoint is used presentations software. The creation of this presentation is a clear demonstration of knowledge, skill and understanding of concepts related to technology.

Title: Using PowerPoint Presentatiosns

The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed using the folowing link