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Created By: Kienna Knowles

Course: EDUC-6661-T2004 Exploring New Technologies: The Impact on Society, Work and Education

Course Instructor: Evelyn Thompson

Technology Standard 4: Assessments and Evaluations

Program Outcome: S4.1: Applies technology in assessing student learning of subject matter using a variety of assessment techniques.


New technology allows educators to evaluate skills, analyze performance, and track progress with industry-leading assessment tools using the Internet. Furthermore, advanced technology communication tools bridge the "remoteness" of computer learning to foster one-on-one collaboration between learners and instructors. Web sites, like Quia offers an online learning experience unmatched in sophistication, effectiveness, and the ability to generate student enthusiasm.

Since the integration of technology into curriculum, this learner has been able to do several things differently. Particularly, the administration of exams and quizzes. Long are the days of bubble sheets. Using computer-based exams and quizzes is convenient and simple. Students get their results instantly (including the possible score they can obtain after the teacher reviews computer-based written responses). Computer-based testing is extremely convenient around midterms and final exams, when grades are usually due shortly following.

Title: Discussion Posting (Using Technology To Do Things Differently)

While in the Exploring New Technologies course, learners shared (during a weekly discussion session) how technology integration is being used to do things differently (or in non-traditional manners) in education. This learner shared that the use of online testing is becoming a trend among technology-savvy educators. The Internet offers several sites to integrate the use of Internet-based exams and quizzes. Particularly, this learner used Quia enables assessment, tracking, and reporting tools that provide efficiency, and free up educators' time, allowing for more creativity and one-on-one interaction with students. Quia's Web-based exercises, activities, and learning games generate student enthusiasm and allow them to learn at their own pace, in school or at home. Completely customizable to an individual teacher's curriculum, Quia activities captivate students, allow for rapid learning, and improve academic performance.

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