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Created By: Kienna Knowles

Course: EDUC 6663-T1002 Integrating Technology In The Curriculum (Part 1)

Course Instructor: Dr. Ashraf Esmail

Technology Standard 6: Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues

Program Outcome: S6.2: Apply technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.

Rationale: This learner supports that the integration of technology should be inclusive and empower a variety of learners.The following document demonstrates how educators can use technology to design web pages to support specific groups of students. In this activity, web pages to were designed to support teaching and learning with gifted students. Focused specific web pages enable teachers to design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and assessment incorporating digital tools and resources to maximize content learning and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified for the specific focus group. More importantly, focused specific sites engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources that are unique to their specific needs.

Title: Designing Web Pages for Gifted Student Needs

Working with a gifted student can be extremely enjoyable or considerably frustrating for educators (Teachersfirst, 2006). A gifted student is one whose intelligence is typically described by an IQ score resulting from one or more tests, therefore, this learner supports that giftedness is a measure of innate ability, not performance (NAGC, 2008 and Teachersfirst, 2006). In this educators experience, gifted students typically exists in various form with varying gifted behaviors or characteristics (Davidson institute, 2008). Thus, it is imperative that parents and teachers fully understand the type of gifted child they encounter (NAGC, 2008). The following web page was designed to assist parents and teachers work with various types of gifted students and to enable gifted students to understand their unique learning abilities.


Target Audience

This web page was designed primarily for gifted students, parents of gifted students, and teachers. Gifted students are identified as students that perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others in their age group (NAGC, 2008). Designing inclusive lesson for gifted learners can be challenging when they are among lower level students (Teachers first, 2006). Using this web page as a resource, parents, students and teachers can learn and identified strategies designed for enhancing learning for gifted individuals. 


It is constantly a challenge for teachers and parents to keep gifted students interested and academically stimulated when they are in inclusive classroom settings (Davidson Institute, 2008). The purpose of this page is to provide gifted students as well as parents and teachers of students with a one stop spot for relevant resources regarding gifted children. The site provides links to various web sites whose primary goals are: working with gifted children; parenting gifted children, challenging gifted children; teaching gifted children; and understanding giftedness.  

Site Usage & Navigation

The web page will be used as a reference center or directory to other important information about gifted parenting strategies, gifted teaching methods, gifted summer programs and gifted students. Specifically the page is divided into four categories: Understanding giftedness, parenting gifted students, Teaching gifted students and gifted summer programs. Depending on the need, users can click on links in any of the four areas to gain knowledge about gifted learning strategies, advanced learning opportunities for gifted students, parenting, and giftedness.  

Web Page Potential Advantageous Student Impact

The web page was created with all gifted student stakeholders in mind (students, parents, administrators, and teachers). Any person interested in gifted learning can find relevant and useful information on this web page. The links provide opportunities for gifted students to understand their learning uniqueness, to expand their learning potential, and to stimulate their innate inquisitive and questioning nature. Collectively, the web links enable students, parents and teachers to find innovated gifted summer programs, lesson plans and learning strategies that will positively impact their learning potential.  

Additionally, the web page provides links to training opportunities for both teachers and parents of gifted students. Research supports that when parents and teachers of gifted students are properly trained they can positively impact gifted student learning (Davidson Institute, 2008). This web page offers opportunities that are designed to improve the way parents are parenting their gifted children and how educators are teaching gifted students (NAGC, 2008 and Davidson Institute, 2008). Specifically, the professional development trains educators on how to teach to achieve high or maximum potential in gifted students, while the parents are provided training on how to foster and support learning for gifted students or gifted students with learning disabilities.

More importantly, the sites selected for the web page are frequently updated and current to ensure stakeholders have access to relevant information. As well, the sites selected are constantly evolving and changing to establish new and current strategies or learning opportunities for the gifted community, as established by gifted student experts. Additionally, the web sites are user friendly, easy to navigate and simply written to ensure all can understand. Most importantly, the sites provide learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom via technology enhanced lessons, gifted summer programs, and parenting strategies to support gifted learning.  

Working with gifted students is a unique experience for teachers and parents (NAGC, 2008). Keeping gifted students interested and challenged when placed with lower performing students is a task that many educators seeking professional development (Teachers first, 2006). As well, understanding giftedness is a task that parents seek training (NAGC, 2008). Additionally, many gifted students do not understand their unique learning (Davidson Institute, 2008). The goal of this web page is to provide gifted students, teachers and parents with resources that are geared towards improving learning experience for inclusive gifted classrooms. From this page, students can understand their uniqueness; parents can learn effective parenting methods and teachers can access resources or lesson appropriate for gifted learners.


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