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Medical & Health Care Careers

Key Terms: Define the following terms related to Medical and Health Care Careers. Be sure to use in-text citations.

Part 1: (Group PowerPoint- 100 points):

Using the Terms above, identify careers in the Medical & Health Care Profession.

For each career describe each of the following:

Must use at least 7 references in APA format (in-text ciations & reference list)


Part 2:(Story Book-100 points):

Each person will be given a Medical or Healthcare Career to create a digital/computer generated story book titled "A Day In The Life of _______". The story book should included 10-15 pages, a cover, and a letter from the author. The book must show the day in the life of the selected career and be simple enough for a young child to read and understand. Each page of the book should contain pictures and words. This digital book may also include podcasts and videos. Each person will present this book to the class.