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Generating Experiments


The four question strategy

  1. When generating an experiment, always explore the possible variations of the topic before attempting to develop a hypothesis, state a specific problem, or identify specific variables to test.
  2. After selecting a general topic, brain storm using the four questions strategy.
      1. What materials are readily available for conducting experiments on (blank)?
      2. How do/does (blank) behave?
      3. How can I change the set of (blank) materials to affect the actions? This question will assistant in the development of a hypothesis.
      4. How can I measure or describe the response of (blank) to the change?
  3. Once the four questions have been answered, group the possible choices. Each group should contain an independent variable, dependent variable, and constants.

Prompts for brainstorming

Lists of simple and available materials

Questions to be investigated

  1. News briefs or articles that lend themselves to future experimentation
  2. Science demonstrations from videos or textbooks.
  3. Textbook or laboratory activities.
  4. Library books

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