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Scientific Method


Part 1: Scientific Method Internet Scavenger Hunt

Activity 1: Internet Scavenger Hunt

Use the links provided to answer the question. Be sure to create a reference page at the end of the questions. Under each question list the website(s) that provided the answer to the question.


Part 2: Scientific Method Practice

Activity 2: Practice Investigations

In this exercise you will apply the scientific method to hypothetical and real life situations. Complete each of the following activities using the directions provided below:

Describe the scenario.

State the observations. Determine if the observations are qualitative or quantitative.

State the problem. Make it a testable question.

Formulate a hypothesis for EACH observation.

Describe how to test EACH hypothesis, Be sure to include the IV, DV,CONTROL, CONSTANTS.

State the final conclusions and tell if the hypothesis was proven to be accurate or inaccurate.