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Bacteria Growth Experiment

Pre-Activity Questions

  1. What is Psuedomonas Flourescens and what does it cause?
  2. What are antibiotics?
  3. Explain the antigen and antibody interaction mechanism in the body.
  4. What is kanamycin and what is it used for?
  5. How can the bodies immune system become weakened by antibody treatments?
  6. Explain how bacteria is grown in a laboratory. Be sure to explain the following terms: a. Culture b. Nutrient broth c. Agar d. Petri dish
  7. How can infectious agents become resistant to anibiotics?

Develop a researched-based Hypothesis: Researched-based support (2 paragraphs Min,):

Procedure/Data Flow Chart (Days 1-3):

Discussion Questions 1-5 (Use 2 references to support each question):