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Part 1 (Models) (100 points)

Model the processes of transcription, translation and protein synthesis. Be sure to include all the important components such as DNA, various types of RNA, important enzymes, specific amino acids, codon, anti-codon, etc. Label all parts of the poster. Be creative and accurate.

Part 2 (PowerPoint Presentation and Oral Quiz) Your group has been assigned a specific type of protein.

A. Function and Purpose

  1. What genetic factors can control or alter the expression of this protein? Identify and describe at least 4.
  2. Describe the role of this protein. Be detailed about its function and purpose.
  3. How important is this protein to a specific process in the human body?
  4. What happens during the absences or malfunction of this protein?

B. Mutation or DNA Errors For your protein, discuss the possible errors (at least 3) that can occur during protein synthesis (for your specific protein), then complete the following:

  1. Define and describe at least 3 errors/mutations that can occur during protein synthesis of this specific protein. Explain what happens specifically and provide a detail account as to when this error occurs during protein synthesis.
  2. Describe the effects of one of the errors then identify two disorder that is directly related to this protein’s malfunction.
  3. Using your 2 examples provide the following (in the form of a chart); (a. Symptoms b. Treatment c. Prognosis d. Current Research or Studies)