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Select a specific type of cancer and complete the following in a Report and PowerPoint presentation.

A. REPORT. Provide information on the following:

Follow APA format rules and guidelines.



B. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: Find pictures of each stage 0-4, for the specific cancer type in the report.

  1. Provide some general information and statistics about the cancer.
  2. Explain how this cancer is detected and diagnosised.
  3. State the symptoms people experience at each stage of cancer.
  4. Show & explain what is occurring in each stage of this cancer.
  5. State the treatments available for each stage of cancer.
  6. How it can be prevented?
  7. Explain why early detection is important.
  8. Discuss 2 current research studies for this cancer. (New detection methods, Prevention methods, Treatments, etc)
  9. Include a slide that serves as a reference page. (References from the report may be used again)
  10. Use In-text citations within the presentation.
  11. DO NOT use full paragraphs on the slides. Use statements and pictures that the group will elaborate on during the presentation.
  12. EACH group can use a max of 14 slides INCLUDING the reference and title slides.

Useful Web Site

National Cancer Institute