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Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genetics

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Part 1: Ethical Implications (Chart Format)

Make a convincing argument on (BOTH) the positive and negative aspects of your specific scenario.

1. Research & Identify some of the Pros and the Cons associated with your scenario.

2. Make a chart that includes research-based statements that support and oppose the pros and cons of your scenario. This chart should include at least 10 statements that express why society should agree or support, as well as, 10 statements why society should disagree and oppose the scenario found in your vignette. These statements should be primarily based on facts not personal believes. (Focus on the reason justifying your position, not personal arguments.; Religious reason should only be used if they can apply to society as a whole.)

3. Find at least 2 articles or other research that supports both the positive and negative aspects of your argument. Summarize these references. Part 2: Legal Implications Investigate the legal aspects of your specific scenario.

Part 3: Social implications (Report Format)

1. Express your personal and research-based findings that show how your scenario will impact society if carried out. (Positive or Negative).

2. Take a stand, as a group. Write a 1 page report that explains & justifies the groups stand, use at least 5 documented references.

3. Propose an alternative that would make both the proponents and opponents satisfied. Back this proposal with research-based data, statistics, or other findings.

Part 4: Complete the discussion questions for the Vignette

Part 5: Presentation/Debate

During your presentation, present your argument and findings to the class. Discuss each of your questions and facilitate a well-organized debate with the class.